Leah is one of nine tigers that were donated to In-Sync in early 2022 by Terranova Enterprises. In 2019, the USDA permanently revoked Terranova’s tiger handling license and fined the owner for multiple violations of the Animal Welfare Act. The surrender of the tigers by Terranova is the perfect example of In-Sync’s past rescues; they were used in the entertainment industry including TV and film appearances, forced photo shoots, and circus performances.

Like her best friend and den mate Abby, Leah came to us underweight. A few days after her arrival, Leah and Abby presented with decreased appetite, vomiting, and unusual feces. We were told by Terranova during their transfer that both have healthy appetites. Our staff veterinarian quickly surmised that neither tiger was absorbing nutrients from their food. The team of veterinarians diagnosed both girls with acute pancreatitis and feared the girls had been experiencing this for quite some time. Acute pancreatitis decreases the pancreas’ ability to break down food and absorb the nutrients. Fortunately, Leah’s symptoms were not quite as severe as Abby’s, however; she did experience nausea, lack of appetite, electrolyte imbalance, and weight loss.

Once diagnosed, we quickly started their treatment of finely ground meats, pancreas powder, and fresh pancreas. This allowed us to rebuild their digestive system. Leah has made amazing improvement with medication management and alterations to her diet. Both girls have gained weight and even their fur has shown great improvement.

Leah is a smart, active, talkative, affectionate, chuffy girl who acclimated to her surroundings quickly. Once she explored her playground and realized that all of that space was for her, she has enjoyed every minute of it. Both girls love to race each other and the golf cart, especially at dinner! Leah also adores her pool and tub and we love watching her love life!


Species: Bengal Tiger
(Panthera tigris tigris)

Sex: Female
Born: August 28, 2009
Rescued: February 28, 2022

leah stretching