In 2014, we received a call from a breeding facility that was looking to rehome a female white tiger. The owner of the breeding facility was interested in utilizing Karma to breed more white tigers. Fortunately, Karma is not the cooperating type. When the owner realized that Karma is not the mothering type nor will she always produce white tigers, they decided that she needed to be rehomed. We happily agreed to give this spunky little girl a permanent home.

karma close up

Karma is the first female white tiger to ever live at In-Sync and she has quite the personality to fit this honorary position! She was nervous when she first arrived as most of our animals are. New surroundings and new neighbors, even as an apex predator, are known to cause anxiety and fear of the unknown. She was quick to settle in, allowing us the opportunity to see the spunky side of this curious, loving girl.

Karma did not seem fond of other cats at first. After a few months with her neighbor, Sheba, Karma’s attitude changed. She became playful and quite social. This allowed us the confidence to introduce her to Gus, a white male tiger so both can have companionship. We slowly introduced the two tigers and they hit it off well. They live happily together and love each others’ company, except at feeding. Karma is highly motivated by food and for everyone’s safety we keep them separated during meals. When she is not cuddling with Gus, she is out on her large playground showing her boy neighbors who is the queen of Chuffin!

This beautiful and bright tiger is a happy and lovely girl. She can be feisty at times, especially during dinner or treats. Her food motivation comes in handy though, especially when we need to do small veterinary procedures, like blood draws and weight checks. We are so blessed to have her as a part of our family.

karma laying on green grass

Species: Bengal Tiger
(Panthera tigris tigris)

Sex: Female
Born: June 30, 2009
Rescued: July 3, 2011

Weight: 321 lbs

karma in white tunnel
karma by tree
karma sitting up in tube