Loki was a privately owned pet who was put into foster care by his previous owner, who could no longer care for him, until a permanent home could be found for him. Loki’s foster parents looked at a number of sanctuaries and insisted that In-Sync was where they wanted Loki to live. We had previously turned him down because we were worried that he would be lonely as our only lemur. We consulted with our USDA inspector and decided to take him while keeping on the lookout for a BFF for him!

Loki is a ring-tailed lemur and was about a year and a half old when he arrived.

We soon came across another lemur that needed a home, a female this time, Mitzi. We brought her home to be a friend for our sweet Loki. We introduced the two ring-tailed lemurs and they got along well. They started snuggling shortly after meeting and also started grooming each other.

Loki is a playful and energetic boy. He loves bouncing around his playground and playing on his ropes and hanging toys. Though we didn’t know much about primates before he came to us, we quickly learned a lot about their needs and we provide plenty of enrichment and love for these little guys.

Loki and Mitzy got along for a number of years but then started having some problems. One day, they got into a domestic spat and we decided that it was safer for the both of them if we separated them. We are working on building an enclosure where they can live next to each other, talk to each other, but have their own space.


Species: Ring-tailed lemur (Lemur catta)

Sex: Male
Born: October 21, 2013
Re-homed: March 28, 2015