Mary was born in the wild on a construction site and lived there in a tree with his siblings. The tree was destroyed and Mary’s siblings ran away, hopefully to join their mother, but little Mary was caught. He was kept in a small crate for six months. Eventually, he made his way to us. Unfortunately, since he was caught so young and kept in a cage for so long, he never learned any life skills from his mother or experience. This meant he was not a candidate for rehab or release.

mary rubbin in box
mary and chance head butting

Since he could not live out his life in the wild, we took Mary in to give him the best, most comfortable life possible. You’ve probably surmised by his name that Mary was originally thought to be a girl. He came to us the day after Mary Howard, niece of Marvin Howard and a remarkable young person, lost her battle to cancer on her thirtieth birthday. Mary, the person, positively impacted lives around the world through her work with Rotary International.

Though Mary bobcat developed boy parts, he kept his name in honor of Mary Howard. Mary has piercing, beautiful eyes and grew up to be a beautiful, healthy, happy boy. He currently lives with four other bobcats who are collectively and affectionately called the Looney Boys.

All five of them can often be found cuddling in the same igloo, even though there are plenty of them to choose from. When he is not cuddling with his “brothers” he can be found chasing them up the ramps and all through the playground. Out of the group, Mary is definitely the goofy, carefree, stir the pot, live in the moment kind of boy!

mary playing around a friskies box
mary on rocks

Species: Bobcat (Lynx rufus)

Sex: Male
Born: October 22, 2013
Rescued: March 22, 2014

mary rubbin in box
mary standing tall in the grass
mary playing with a topo chico box