In 2016, a facility in Colorado was closing down and needed to place over 100 animals. We were contacted to help place these animals. We were able to transport some animals to new homes and brought home several leopards and tigers.

aramis tree concrete
aramis with a long face

When we brought Aramis home, he seemed the most outgoing of all the leopards and responded positively to human interaction, especially when the volunteers and staff talked to him.

Aramis’ friendly demeanor has only increased and loves spending time with his favorite people. He especially enjoys it when his favorite humans bring him enrichment, cardboards scented with different smells. Aramis lived with Jade very happily for a while until she passed away in 2019. After that, we introduced him to Mia and they got along well and enjoyed each other’s company. Unfortunately, since most of the leopards are much older when arriving at In-Sync Exotics, Mia also passed away. Aramis now lives next to his best friend/”bro” Taboo. He thoroughly enjoys sprinting across the playground in friendly competition with his neighbor.

If you noticed, Aramis looks different than most leopards. He is a black leopard or a melanistic leopard. Melanistic leopards are the result of a genetic mutation which also occurs with Jaguars. If you look closely and in the proper sunlight you can see the black spots on their fur. The fur also presents itself reddish. We are lucky to house 3 black leopards. Black leopards/Jaguars are also known as black panthers which is a play off of their Latin name ‘Panthera’ and their black coloring.

Aramis is very fond of tire swings and large logs that he can splay out on. His loving caretakers suspended a tire swing from the roof of his very tall enclosure and he loved playing with it. This beautiful boy was born to be spoiled and we are very lucky to do the spoiling.

aramis on a firehose platform
aramis next to tree

Species: Leopard (Panthera pardus)

Sex: Male
Born: March 23, 2003
Rescued: September 30, 2016

aramis on platform sleeping
aramis walking next to a home depot bucket
aramis walking around with a tire in the background