Sultan was rescued from an entertainment facility where he was being used for photo opportunities. We rescued multiple cats from this facility, including Sultan’s cage mates, Kaiya and Iona. When Sultan was deemed too big and no longer “useful” for making money, the facility decided to discard him. Luckily, they called us and we happily took the trio in, affectionately known as the Brats!

Sultan has a very macho attitude. He isn’t mean, but he knows that he is in charge. In his youth, he enjoyed rolling around and covering himself in mud, climbing trees, and dragging around the biggest toy he could find. The Brats spent most days together, and as siblings do they played until they fought and then fought until they played again. Unfortunately, when the canine distemper pandemic hit our facility, Sultan, Kaiya, and the rest of us lost our beloved gentle Iona. She turned out to be the mediator. She was the glue that held the trio together and when she passed, Kaiya and Sultan started to fight. They eventually had to be separated for their safety.

sultan walking in the snow

Sultan is the smartest cat we have at In-Sync Exotics. Not only can he count his treats, he also has the unique ability to adapt to each of his caregivers while achieving his goal. He is also very good at communicating his wants and dislikes, not only with enrichment and foods, but also what he requires from the caregiver in order to have the optimal interaction. This is key, as Sultan is a geriatric cat and requires more care and veterinary care than our younger cats. His intelligence and communication skills allow us to react to his medical needs with accuracy.

Sultan earned the nickname “Trouble” due to the clever and mischievous nature of his being. He always seems to be finding or causing trouble. In his golden years, he enjoys sleeping in the sun on his playground, eating his dinner, and taking his meds. He has given up his “Harley hog” days and moved on to a stroll through the grass. Demonstrating to the younger cats, like the Jedi boys, how to age gracefully. He does every once in a while get “wild” and chase his neighbors across their respective playgrounds, kick around toys, or tear up paper bags.

Sultan embodies the definition of a king and we are honored to be the loyal subjects charged with his care.

sultan laying in the grass

Species: Bengal Tiger
(Panthera tigris tigris)

Sex: Male
Born: October 27, 2002
Rescued: April 27, 2004
Weight at Rescue: 180 lbs

sultan looking through the tire