Lily came to us from a private owner in Calvert, Texas along with another female leopard and a female liger. This rescue was a joint mission between Tigers in America and In-Sync Exotics to rehome all the cats on this property.

Lily was quite nervous when she first arrived, and it took some time for her to even come out of the den. We gave her the space and time she needed, but let her know that we were there for her and cared for her through her transition. One evening before feeding, Lily was waiting on her den top instead of hiding inside her den, which was the first time anyone had seen her out since she arrived. After that day, she became more and more comfortable with us day by day. Now, Lily is an extremely affectionate girl who will greet you at the fence, especially if she thinks you have food! We are so blessed to have seen this beautiful girl come out of her shell.

Lily came from a place where she didn’t have any grass or room to run around and play. Once she settled in, she became quite a curious girl and adores her playground and especially her high platforms. Lily has a particular fondness for leaf piles, which her keepers are sure to rake up for her every fall. She also has a fondness for red buckets. She enjoys slapping them around and putting teeth holes in them. Lily is also one of our resident artists. Once her personality and desire to interact with humans manifested, our enrichment team decided to try a canvas and paint. Lily mostly uses her tail and paws, unlike her, Onyx, neighbor who uses her entire body for her art. Lily doesn’t see Onyx as competition though. We informed Lily that we sell her gorgeous paintings in the visitor’s center in order to buy her bones and although she is conflicted and wants to be a pure artist, her love for bones over took any other emotion. We are so blessed to have been able to fall in love with this gorgeous little girl and her spunky personality.

Lily the Leopard getting her Watermelon at the Watermelon Toss

Species: Leopard (Panthera pardus)

Sex: Female
Born: December 3, 2011
Rescued: September 14, 2020