Dayo is one of nine tigers that were donated to In-Sync in early 2022 by Terranova Enterprises. In 2019, the USDA permanently revoked Terranova’s exotic animal handling license and fined the owner for multiple violations of the Animal Welfare Act. The surrender of the tigers by Terranova is exemplary of some of In-Sync’s past rescues; they were used in the entertainment industry including TV and film appearances, forced photo shoots, and circus performances.

Prior to arrival, Dayo lived with her mate, Pasha, and her three children: Mabel, Sheba, and Gunther. In hopes of creating more cubs for photo shoots, Dayo and her family were kept intact. Upon their arrival to In-Sync Exotics, the boys and girls were separated to decrease the risk of accidental pregnancies. The boys were neutered and the family, to everyone’s joy, reunited.

Once she settled in, Dayo became friendly and she now really enjoys human attention. Gaining her confidence, the staff and our veterinarian were able to spay and complete bloodwork and vaccinations with little stress to her. Although Dayo is smaller than the rest of her family, her personality and motherly instinct offsets her smaller stature. Her family is aware of who leads this streak (group of tigers)! Dayo even lets her tiger neighbors know that she runs the whole enclosure.

Dayo loves her large playground and treasure trove of toys. After her initial playground zoomies, Dayo can be found laying by the poolside in the summer and snoozing in her warm den with her family cuddle puddle in the winter. We love this spunky little lady and are so lucky to have her! Keeping true to In-Sync Exotics tradition, this marvelous family has been affectionately nicknamed “the Marvels” so when you come out be sure to ask the keepers/volunteers “Where are the Marvels?”

Species: Bengal Tiger
(Panthera tigris tigris)

Sex: Female
Born: June 12, 2012
Rescued: February 28, 2022