Sex: Male
Weight at Rescue:

Loki and Mitzy the Lemurs! Loki is a ring-tailed lemur and was about 1 1/2 years old when he arrived!

Loki was a privately owned pet who was put into foster care until a permanent home could be found. Loki’s foster parents looked at a number of sanctuaries and insisted that In-Sync was where they wanted Loki to live.

We had previously turned him down twice because of our concerns that he would be lonely. After consulting with our USDA inspector, we decided to take him. Our inspector does run into single lemurs looking for homes and is already on the lookout for a BFF for our boy. Welcome, little guy!

Mitzy – our new lemur and Loki’s new BFF, was privately owned and as happens quite often with exotic pets, the person no longer wanted her. Mitzy was donated to The Texas Zoo in Victoria where she was used as an Animal Ambassador. After that gig was up, the keeper at the zoo contacted a friend who had lemurs and Jeanne took in Mitzy. Mitzy, however, was not crazy about the other lemurs in the household, so having read about Loki and that he needed a pal, Jeanne contacted us. Mitzy is three years old and quite vocal – more so than Loki. So far, it appears the budding friendship is working well; they snuggle and shortly after meeting her, Loki began to groom Mitzy, who seemed to appreciate the attention!