Nefertiti (Nefi) was brought to us by her previous owners, who purchased her from a breeder when she was only 2 pounds. Her owners took good care of her, keeping her current on all shots and medical care. She lived with them in their house for 15 months and only ventured outside when she went for walks on a leash. At 10 months old, Nefertiti suffered a broken leg, which was repaired at Texas A&M. She was also micro-chipped, and declawed on her front feet. As is often the case, Nefertiti’s owners decided to relinquish her when they realized they just didn’t have enough time to care for her.

Servals can be quite skittish, and when she arrived at In-Sync, Nefertiti was very frightened, trembling anytime someone walked by. Since she had seldom been outside, we kept her in an inside enclosure for some time, allowing her to acclimate to her new home. She is now housed in our serval enclosure and has become very comfortable with her surroundings. She is now a confident, happy, highly opinionated, stunningly beautiful girl. She greets her caretakers with soft hisses to remind them who is the queen around here. Brussel sprouts are a favorite enrichment item amongst our servals, and Nefi is no exception.

Species: African Serval (Leptailurus serval)

Sex: Female
Born: October 21, 2008
Rehomed at In-Sync: February 21, 2010
Weight at Rescue: 23 lbs