Taji was privately owned and had been used for breeding Savannah cats that his owners could sell for profit. His owner contacted us and asked if we could take Taji as he no longer wanted to care for him. We agreed and welcomed this beautiful serval home.

Taji was a little nervous about his new surroundings when he first arrived, but with time and patience, he settled in beautifully and became a confident and happy cat. He lived with our other servals and his big personality started to shine.

Eventually, he started having some issues getting along with them, so we decided to introduce him to Sig, one of our bobcats whose roommate had to be moved to the vet clinic for a little while due to some medical issues. Sig and Taji started getting along well after several supervised “dates” and started to live together full-time. Once the two cats settled in, we also introduced another bobcat Sola into the group. The trio now lives happily in our Barney enclosure with a large playground and temperature-controlled night house.

Taji is a vocal and friendly little guy, especially with his favorite people. If he thinks you have a treat, he will run up to the fence and talk to you until you give him a little treat. We adore this gorgeous boy and are happy to have him with us!


Species: African Serval (Leptailurus serval)

Sex: Male
Born: February 14, 2012
Rescued: January 20, 2018