Samara came to us from an animal control facility in South Texas. She was found roaming the streets and trying to get into some of the houses in the area. We estimate she was 2 or 3 years old at the time of her rescue. Samara settled in quickly and came up to us at the fence for food shortly after coming home. Samara is the name of an Egyptian candy, which fits her sweet temperament perfectly!

After completing her routine observation and quarantine in our veterinary clinic, we gradually introduced her to the cats in our Serval enclosure, Nefertiti, Jax, and Lil Chance. Samara and Lil Chance struck up a friendship, but Jax and Nefertiti were not very welcoming to their new roommate. To keep everyone happy we moved Samara back to the vet clinic temporarily. She does have access to the outside run of the clinic, if you visit you might get to see her. She’s not shy about saying hello.

Thanks to our supporters a new enclosure is being built that will give us room to let Samara and Lil Chance have their very own enclosure. We can’t wait for them to rekindle their friendship.


Species: Serval (Leptailurus serval)

Sex: Female
Born: 4/10/2022
Rescued: 4/12/2023