sultan the tiger

Species: Siberian Tiger
(Panthera tigris altaica)

Sex: Male, neutered
Born: October 27, 2002
Rescued: April 27, 2004
Weight at Rescue: 180 lbs.

yawning tiger
tiger on tube

cool tiger

We rescued Sultan, along with Kaiya and Iona, from an entertainment facility in Texas. He was used for photo opportunities and had to find a new home once he got bigger and was no longer useful.¬†We are glad that we could provide him with a new home where he’s free to relax and play and doesn’t have to worry about earning his keep.

Sultan, which means king, is just that. He has a macho attitude about him that says, “Look out, I am coming”. He is not a bully; he just wants all to know that he is in charge, especially his girls, Kaiya and Iona. He is very handsome and always looks like he has a dirty face. He is very dark in color and even darker around his face. Sultan will be the first to find even the smallest mud hole and roll in it until he is completely covered. He is into everything he can find and has to have his nose in everyone else’s business. He loves to climb trees in the playground, drag around the biggest toy, and play hide and seek with his playmates, always getting himself into a little trouble.

He also loves to play in the water especially with the big Safari ball. At feeding time Sultan will let us know that he is glad it’s dinner time. When we show up with his food he will jump up on top of his den and roll around grabbing his hind feet putting them close to his mouth or will use his back feet to kick around a toy in joy. Maybe it’s not regal behavior, but he sure looks adorable when he does it. We are excited to have the opportunity to watch Sultan grow and become the king that he really is.

stoic tiger