A resident in Rockwall called Animal Control because they had a bobcat looking through their doors and windows looking like he really wanted to come inside. Rockwall picked him up and they believed he was someone’s pet who was abandoned or escaped.

We assessed Goliath along with a wildlife rehabber and determined that he was very likely a pet. He is not frightened of people and seemed very relaxed. Due to his lack of fear around humans, he was not a good candidate for rehab and release as this could prove fatal to him in the wild.

Goliath on top ramp

We took Goliath home to In-Sync where he could live safely. He was in fairly good shape, if a bit thin. He had some ticks on his ears that he let staff remove and a few scrapes and sores. He ate voraciously and didn’t seem to mind being touched so we were able to care for his sores, ticks, and fleas.

We introduced Goliath to a group of bobcats and now all five of them live very happily together and are affectionately named the Looney Boys. All five of them can often be found cuddling in the same igloo even though there are many to choose from. Goliath is a very cute but shy boy. We are happy to provide him a safe and loving home.

goliath walking down ramp
goliath on firemat

Species: Bobcat (Lynx rufus)

Sex: Male
Born: March 29, 2012
Rescued: May 29, 2015

goliath lickin lips
Goliath sitting on ramp