India arrived along with her 3 brothers and 2 tiger cubs from a breeding facility in Wisconsin. Due to unhealthy living conditions and non-compliance with USDA regulations the facility was forced to close. We rescued a total of 6 tigers from the facility. The 4, including India are affectionately known as Fantastic Four.

The facility contacted us with the intention of staging the rescue of the cubs on television in order to promote their agenda. As we sincerely believe that using animals for publicity is not in the best interest of the animals we declined the television show and agreed to take the cubs. When we declined to do the television show, the breeding facility withdrew their request for us to take any of the cats. A week later, the same facility called us back and asked us to take four older cats. We agreed but only if they included the cubs, Kali and Odin. Again, the facility terminated all contact.

About a month later, we received a call out of the blue giving us a thirty minute warning before the facility showed up in our driveway with 6 tigers. None of the cats had names that we knew of and they did not arrive with veterinarians or health information.

India arrived with her three brothers, Solomon, Apophis, and Kabul. It was clear from day one that India was the boss. She had the boys right where she wanted them, and they all knew it. She was loving and tolerant with the boys when the mood struck or she wanted something, but she always made sure the boys knew who was in charge.

After the tragic loss of Apophis, the dynamic between the other three changed. This forced us to separate the trio and pair India with Solomon, who was more understanding and tolerant of India and her whims. As more time passed, especially after Solomon’s stroke, it was clear to us that while India loved Solomon dearly, she was also a tiger and was taking advantage of his disadvantage. We made the tough decision to separate India and Solomon but we were able to let them live next to each other, just so she can keep tabs.

India is a playful, curious, and stubborn girl who loves to do things on her terms; imagine Indiana Jones in a female tiger’s body. India is very vocal, especially at dinner. She is also in our welcome/snoopy neighbor club. She loves welcoming new residents but forgets the fine line between welcoming and obsessing. India is also the second smartest female tiger we have on property, second to only Kali. She is quick to learn during training sessions. We are very lucky to be able to care for this beautiful, smart, and boisterous old gal.

india eye in the sky
india with a blue ball asleep with a tree pillow

Species: Bengal Tiger
(Panthera tigris tigris)

Sex: Female
Born: June 22, 2011
Rescued: December 22, 2014

india close up with a ball