Kabul and five other tigers, Apophis, Solomon, India, Kali, and Odin, all came from a breeding facility in Wisconsin. Due to unhealthy living conditions and non-compliance with USDA regulations the facility was forced to close. We rescued a total of 6 tigers from the facility. The 4, including India are affectionately known as Fantastic Four.

The facility contacted us with the intention of staging the rescue of the cubs on television in order to promote their agenda. As we sincerely believe that using animals for publicity is not in the best interest of the animals we declined the television show and agreed to take the cubs. When we declined to do the television show, the breeding facility withdrew their request for us to take any of the cats. A week later, the same facility called us back and asked us to take four older cats. We agreed but only if they included the cubs, Kali and Odin. Again, the facility terminated all contact.

About a month later, we received a call out of the blue giving us a thirty minute warning before the facility showed up in our driveway with 6 tigers. None of the cats had names that we knew of and they did not arrive with veterinarians or health information.

Kabul - Tiger
kabul asleep on ball

When Kabul arrived at the facility he was living with his 2 brothers and sister. We were able to keep them together until the tragic death of his brother Apophis. After that loss, the dynamic between the group changed. We were forced to separate Kabul and eventually had to separate Solomon and India. It is common for cats to go through grief and for that grief to change the dynamic in the streak. We, unfortunately, have witnessed this a few times.

Kabul is a sweet-natured, playful, mischievous, and loving tiger. He enjoys human company and greets staff and volunteers at the fence with numerous chuffs. He thoroughly enjoys feeding time, chicken quarters being his favorite. His mischief is managed mostly by the high-jinks played on his fellow enclosure mates. He loves to show off new toys or enrichment when he is in the playground. Unlike most of our other cats who take their enrichment far away from us, Kabul will bring his enrichment closer to us and then play with it. This speaks volumes to how trusting and sweet natured Kabul can be. Don’t get carried away though! He loves dinner and his dinner bowl, and sometimes requires a bribe in the form of a chicken quarter in order for us to get his bowl back.

Although he lived with siblings, Kabul seems to be enjoying his life in solitude. Not to worry, he gets plenty of affection and love from his keepers, staff, and volunteers. We love watching this gorgeous boy age somewhat gracefully as he spreads love and mischief to all his tiger friends in Chuffin.

kabul on playground platform

Species: Bengal Tiger
(Panthera tigris tigris)

Sex: Male
Born: June 22, 2011
Rescued: December 22, 2014

Weight: 449 lbs

kabul standing on red barrel
kabul yawning
kabul red barrel mischief