Chance is a wild-born bobcat, but was taken in as a kitten by a caring couple. They chased an adult bobcat off of their property, not realizing that she had left a kitten behind! By the time they found the kitten, it was too late to try to reunite him with his mother. So, the couple took the bobcat kitten in and did lots of research in order to give him all of the proper nutrition and veterinary care. Chance was healthy, up-to-date on his shots, and neutered when we met him.

Due to the laws in the Texas county that this couple lived in, they were unable to legally keep Chance and they wanted to give him the best shot at life, so they decided to re-home him with us at In-Sync.

We are honored that we were entrusted with Chance, and very glad that he came from a loving home. Chance is a playful and sweet bobcat. He now lives with four other bobcats and they are all extremely close, often cuddling in a “cuddle puddle” in the same igloo, even though they have many to choose from.

Chance has a large playground to chase birds and squirrels and play with his numerous toys and plentiful enrichment, along with a temperature-controlled night house to provide shelter from the elements. While staff and volunteers are cleaning, he loves to supervise from above from one of his many high platforms.

Chance is one of our few “big” cats who doesn’t like red meat! When he arrived we attempted multiple combinations of red meat and Chance was very clear, he prefers chicken. In order to satisfy his culinary preferences, his diet consists of chicken drums mixed with supplements, i.e. vitamins, minerals. His preferences run so deep that he is only cat on property that doesn’t partake on bone nights (Wednesdays & Sundays) but receives his regular chicken drum “take out.” He also prefers to be handed his drum on HIS platform one at a time. He “demands” you wait until he finishes each drum before receiving the next. It’s a good thing he eats faster than you can reach for the next!

Of the five “Looney boys,” as his group of bobcats is affectionately called, Chance is one of the most sociable. We love this happy, playful boy and know that there is much more catnip and love in his future!


Species: Bobcat (Lynx rufus)

Sex: Male
Born: May 1, 2011
Re-homed: December 9, 2011