Sheba is one of nine tigers that were donated to In-Sync in early 2022 by Terranova Enterprises. In 2019, the USDA permanently revoked Terranova’s exotic animal handling license and fined the owner for multiple violations of the Animal Welfare Act. The surrender of tigers by Terranova is a perfect example of some of In-Sync’s past rescues; animals forced to participate in the entertainment industry including TV and film appearances, photo shoots, and circus performances.

sheba smelling grass
sheba marking her territory

Sheba is one of three children sired by Pasha and Dayo. Her siblings are Gunther and Mabel. Prior to arrival, all 5 tigers were kept intact in hopes of making more cubs for the entertainment industry. Fortunately upon their arrival, the boys were separated from the girls. The boys were neutered and the family was reunited. Soon after, all three girls were spayed in order to decrease health complications, i.e. pyometra.

Sheba took a little bit of time trusting us, but like her sister, Mabel, she is not shy about reminding us that she is a tiger. She is quite content with her family cuddle puddle, but she also adores her very large playground which has plenty of space for her to run and play and lots of toys to choose from. We are happy to have this gorgeous, strong-willed girl with us.

sheba tongue out
sheba stinky tongue out

Species: Bengal Tiger
(Panthera tigris tigris)

Sex: Female
Born: June 3, 2017
Rescued: February 28, 2022

sheba stinky face
sheba playing