We are not sure of this cute little guy’s background. In the last week of November 2021, someone contacted us about a very friendly and hungry baby bobcat who had just been found. Jacob was so friendly to humans that it was clear he had been kept as a pet before being found. He had probably either escaped or been abandoned by his previous owners. Because of his friendly and sweet nature, Jacob was not a candidate for rehabilitation and release so we brought him home to In-Sync.

cute baby jacob tree stump
naught baby jacob

Jacob, the tiny kitten, immediately won over all of our hearts with his sweet and playful nature. He lived in an inside area for a while until he was old enough to be introduced to other bobcats for companionship. After an introductory period, he now lives happily with Trigger, Runa, and Needles. Not only has he planted himself firmly into the group of bobcats, a clowder, he has also appointed himself leader! His charisma has spread to the others, especially Runa and Needles who are both more outgoing and tolerant of Jacob’s human friends.

Jacob has a particular fondness for Needles, and did so almost immediately. They can often be found cuddling or grooming each other and it is very sweet to see shy Needles coming out of her shell. Runa is very protective of young Jacob and while Trigger was initially uncertain of this “annoying little brother,” the two have become very close as well. Jacob has boundless, playful energy and loves playing with his bobcat and human friends. He is a little troublemaker too (often scaling the fence like an experienced mountain climber), but we love him dearly. We are glad to provide this little guy a safe forever home.

jacob chew on stick
jacob behind leaf face close up

Species: Bobcat (Lynx rufus)

Sex: Male
Born: August 11, 2021
Rescued: December 1, 2021

baby jacob in tube
jacob playing with enrichment
jacob in enrichment