Needles was found in the wild next to her mother. Tragically, her mother had been shot and Needles’ two siblings were already dead. A caring person took the orphaned kitten in and raised her in their home until Needles was six months old. At that point, the person contacted us and asked us if we would take in sweet Needles. We accepted and welcomed home this cute little girl.

Needles is an adorable and playful little girl. She is shy around humans. She created a strong bond with her cage mate bobcat, Runa. They were often observed snuggling in the temperature controlled area. She mostly kept to herself and showed her true self to Runa. We would watch this girl thrive and play through the cameras when no one was around.

Needles, along with Runa, and Trigger were moved to their new enclosure, where Needles is thriving. She has a large playground to run around and play in and a temperature-controlled night house. Since moving to the new enclosure, Needles has opened up more to human interactions.

Little Jacob is a recent addition to this group and while he gets along with everyone, he and Needles were almost immediately infatuated with each other. They are often found snuggled up together or grooming each other and it is adorable to see. We love this sweet girl and are blessed to be her second chance!

Species: Bobcat (Lynx rufus)

Sex: Female
Born: July 30, 2017
Re-homed: February 25, 2018