Runa was plucked from the wild when a group of bobcat kittens was uncovered by some people passing by. While the kittens took off running, they were all caught and taken in by several different people. Runa was raised in someone’s home for a year before the person realized that what she did not have Runa’s best interest in mind. In order to give her the best life possible, Runa’s owner started contacting places that she thought would take her in. She contacted the Sea Life conservation facility, who in turn contacted us. We agreed to take her in so she could live with other bobcats and have room to run and play.

Runa sleepy
runa face closeup

Runa had lived with two domestic cats and a dog in her previous home, so we were sure that she would get along well with some of our bobcats. She lived with Jezebel and Gideon for some time.

Now, she lives with Trigger, Needles, and Jacob. Needles and Runa are close and are often found snuggling together. Runa is a rather shy bobcat when it comes to humans. She loves playing on her large playground in our newest enclosure. Runa quickly accepted Trigger into her clowder. This paved the way into a new friendship between Trigger and Runa, who can often be seen chasing through the playground or cuddling along with Needles.

Baby Jacob was a recent addition to this group of bobcats, and Runa was very good with this little ball of energy when he was first introduced and is adorably protective of him. She enjoys being his “sister” and showing him the “ropes” of being a bobcat, especially the cat part. They can often be seen sitting in boxes together or eating next to each other.

We love this beautiful little girl and are happy to have her with us.

runa standing up
runa sitting in grass

Species: Bobcat (Lynx rufus)

Sex: Female
Born: February 14, 2015
Rescued: February 21, 2016

runa spooning enrichment
runa playing
runa eyes open asleep