Nola was living with a private owner in Montana but she needed to be rehomed ASAP. GFAS (Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries) reached out to us at In-Sync asking if we could give Nola a new home. We agreed to take her home and assist with transporting the two tigers that this owner also had to their new home in Mississippi.

nola enjoying the box

Nola arrived home in April of 2014 and she settled in quickly, having been familiar with humans before her arrival. We had hoped to pair her with some bobcat friends, but after several attempts with different individuals, groups, and enclosures, she never got along with any of them. Nola has a very strong personality, which seems to clash with the other cats. She lives alone and likes it that way. She lives in our newest enclosure which has a great big playground and tons of ramps and platforms for her to explore along with a temperature-controlled night house. It also gives her the opportunity to be nose to nose with her fellow bobcats, and not necessarily share her “apartment” with them.

Nola was declawed by her previous owners. Thankfully, she seemingly has no ill effects from the procedure and one of her favorite things to do is bop her unsuspecting caretakers on the head with her paws! She is very sweet and loving to the people that she has formed bonds with. She is particularly fond of cardboard boxes and her caretakers make sure to give her a new one to sleep in every week.

nola with tree

Species: Bobcat (Lynx rufus)

Sex: Female
Born: November 24, 2005
Rescued: April 19, 2014

nola on conrete
nola in box sitting
nola coming to you