Otis came to live with us when his owners, who were illegally keeping him in a Dallas condo, found him too difficult to manage. They confined Otis to a 4’x6′ cage because of his tendency to hiss and snap as well as his lack of bathroom habits appropriate for living in a home. They asked us if we could provide Otis a new home, and we agreed.

Otis has a beautiful, thick, pale coat. He was bred in captivity somewhere up north, which may have something to do with his beautiful coloring.

otis lookin off
otis chillin in grass

It took a while for Otis to warm up to us and feel comfortable in his new home. With time and lots of love, Otis is now a sweet and loving boy. He loves rubbing his face on stinky boots and drooling all over them. His enclosure, which he shares with Moses, has lots of ramps and platforms so that he can run and jump like bobcats should.

Otis now eats like a bobcat too. Originally, he was on a diet of chicken and canned food that is formulated specifically for exotic cats. Now, he enjoys red meat and large, meaty bones along with chicken.

Otis and Moses are inseparable and are often found curled up in the same basket. If you dare approach the two while they’re snuggled up, they are both very protective of each other. As Otis has aged, he has developed some mobility problems and so we customized his enclosure with extra ramps, bumpers, and treads so that he can still climb up high and observe everything around him. When not cuddling with Moses in their temperature-controlled night house, Otis is often found sleeping on his playground underneath the slide of his favorite playset.

otis lookin fly

Species: Bobcat (Lynx rufus)

Sex: Male
Born: March 18, 2006
Rehomed at In-Sync: June 15, 2008

otis sleeping
otis and moses playing in box
otis on platform with box