Sig was privately owned as a pet before coming to us at In-Sync. When his owners had a baby, they decided that they could no longer care for the bobcat in their home and so they contacted us and asked if we would be able to take him. We accepted and this beautiful, sweet boy came home to us.

sig enjoying air

Sig is a gorgeous and sweet bobcat who loves attention from his human caretakers on his terms. Originally, he lived with two of our Lynxes, Tobias and Noodle; they made quite the trio! When we lost Noodle, Tobias and Sig became a dynamic duo. The two cats lived happily together for a while.

Tobias was moved into our on-site vet clinic due to some medical issues so we decided to introduce Sig to some other cats so that he wouldn’t be lonely. We introduced him to one of our servals, Taji, who was not getting along with the other servals that he lived with at that time. After many supervised “dates,” as we call them, the two cats seemed to accept each other and enjoy each others’ presence. Shortly after Sig and Taji were settled in, we introduced another bobcat into the group named Sola. Sola had previous experience living with both bobcats and servals which helped their transition immensely. Eventually, all three of these cats started getting along and even started playing together. This trio now lives in our newest enclosure with a large playground and a temperature-controlled night house.

Sig loves his heated and cooled night house and can often be found curled up in one of the baskets inside snoozing away. He loves visits from his favorite people and can be quite affectionate once you get to know him. We adore this gorgeous boy and are happy that he is part of our family!

sig enrichment
sig laying down

Species: Bobcat (Lynx rufus)

Sex: Male
Born: May 10, 2010
Rescued: May 30, 2017

sig playing with an egg
sig stretching
sig enjoying air