Raja & Jasmine

Raja & jasmine the tigers

Species: Bengal Tiger
(Panthera tigris tigris)


Sex: Male, neutered
Born: February 3, 1992
Rescued: February 3, 2003
Weight at Rescue: 552 lbs

Raja crossed the Rainbow Bridge: October 23, 2011


Sex: Female, spayed
Born: February 3, 1992
Rescued: February 3, 2003
Weight at Rescue: 242 lbs

Jasmine Crossed the Rainbow Bridge: October 15, 2013

tiger pair

tigers relaxing in poolRaja and Jasmine are brother and sister who have lived their entire life together at the same drive-thru park where we first found Kenya 5 years earlier until their rescue. Their enclosure was covered in feces and urine and had decaying bones and carcasses scattered about, and their water was rusted and smelled like sewage.

In years past, Raja and Jasmine were locked down into a small 5’x7′ concrete area for days at a time waiting their turn to go out into the larger area to play.

When we first met Raja, he had a sore on his right front paw that was very red and draining puss. When we rescued him 2 1/2 years later, he still had the same sore that apparently went untreated. Beside the fact that they are brother and sister, Raja and Jasmine were bred together for many years, having at least 2 litters of cubs every year for 7 years. Since both tigers carry the white recessive gene, the breeders were hoping they would produce many money-making white tigers. Out of 14+ litters, Jasmine gave birth to only one white tiger which died due to neglect.

When the cubs were a few days old they were taken from Jasmine in order to be human imprinted so they could be used to generate photo revenue. Once the cubs were too old, and no longer able to generate money, they were discarded or sold. The special part of our rescue of Raja and Jasmine is that they are also Kenya’s parents, as well as the parents of Samu and Midas. Since the park was being closed down due to inhumane living conditions, we provided Raja, Jasmine and Midas a home and placed the remaining 30 cats in sanctuaries across the U.S. Most of the cats were 100-150 pounds underweight and all lived in the same deplorable conditions. Raja and Jasmine now have their own private compound and are allowed to go out to play any time they wish. They are no longer the fierce, angry cats that came to us in 2003, but now greet us with contented chuffs. Both tigers love their toys, and especially like to play with their balls in their swimming pool. However, they spend most of their time cuddling or playing with each other. They are living their golden years with the dignity they deserve.

tiger love